Wedding photography

The essence of wedding photography is to take wedding pictures so that to be proud looking at the big events of the day anywhere in the world.

The deal with the images from design – would be it wedding, event, baby, child or family photo - a photo, developing, retouching and then demand photo album or photo book settlement and its typographical execution .

Photographer Peter Lugosi ‘s primary profile is wedding photography, which possible to take all around the world, with the highest quality standards drawn up to be able to put the couple's requests even with their own visual world.

According to the feedback of the wedding photographs, which are mostly taken by Peter Lugosi that can be seen and pages for all uniformly positive dictum be presented by a slide show, notebook or in a hard cover photo book.

Event Photography

A lot of things to watch during the event photography which is often the only professional photographers are able to take care.

For this Peter Lugosi working only the highest quality Nikon, Hoya, Sandisk SD, SanDisk CF and a KATA DPS, 3in1-33 Photographer backpack supplies which are equipped with notebook holder also.

The digital darkroom in this case is not a shiny apple macbook or macbook pro but a specially optimized for performance and durable notebook and a 6-core CPUs in their desktop PC configurations.

The event photos are available on the and pages.


Photos especially during the wedding and it is understood in almost all cases are retouched. Peter Lugosi photographer has a great experience and references as to companies as Nánási Productions.

In addition he works for multinational companies and investors as a photographer such as Xerox, Nokia, Vodafone, Sonepar, Sapa, etc .... The retouched photos are available to click on and and and links.

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